LIsten to Pastor Dominick expound and teach from the Word of God at 10:45AM Pacific Time

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Come join us as we worship The Lord Jesus, everyone is welcome! We love sharing the truth of God’s Word and gathering with God’s people.


Pastor Grimaldi preaches verse by verse through the Scriptures. Checking out the church? Miss a week? Want to share a message with a friend?

The Cross

Every person is on one of two roads. One leads to eternal life, the other to eternal death. Which road are you traveling? Learn the central message of God’s Word. We have good news to share with you, but it only applies to those who believe.

Street Talk Theology - Radio Show

Street Talk Theology brings Biblical Theology to the streets. Join Pastor Dom as he stresses the importance to have theological world view in all areas of life.


9:00 a.m.:  Sunday School (all ages)
10:30 a.m.:  Worship Service


10 a.m.: Prayer Meeting


6:30 p.m.: Adult Bible Study

There are many ways to get involved.


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Pastor Dominick

Pastor Dominick Grimaldi

Pastor Dominick Grimaldi serves as our Senior Pastor.


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